About us

The London Bat Group is a voluntary registered charity working throughout the Greater London area. Our mission is to protect and enhance London’s bat populations as well as encourage the conservation of bats through educating and inspiring people about these amazing creatures!

Our volunteer committee is chaired by Becky Wilson and includes a secretary, treasurer, records officer, memberships officer, enquiries officer,  newsletter editor and one VBRV trainer.

The area the Bat Group covers is shown in the map below.


The London Bat Group aims to:

  • Protect and conserve bats, their roosts, feeding areas and hibernation sites in Greater London.
  • Provide information on bats to the public
  • Monitor bat populations and distribution
  • Maintain a pool of licensed volunteer bat workers who can visit roost sites and provide expert assistance on matters relating to bats in Greater London

Contact us

If you have general enquiries please contact us at enquiries@londonbats.org.uk. For membership enquiries please visit our membership page.