The London Bat Group undertakes surveys to gain a greater knowledge of London’s bats, their distribution and habitat requirements. If you have any ideas for new projects the bat group could get involved in please let us know or fill in a Project Proposal Form below.

Below are examples of some of the work the group had undertaken

Ongoing projects:

National Nathusius’ Pipistrelle Survey

The London Bat Group started taking part in the National Nathusius’s Pipistrelle Survey in 2016.

Addington Hills Bat Box Scheme

The London Bat Group was awarded funding from Viridor Credits in 2012 towards this long-running Scheme and it’s still going strong.

London Bat Atlas

To make use of our database of records the Bat Group worked with GiGL to publish a London Bat Atlas. The atlas enables our records to be useful to those making decisions which affect bats in London.

Past projects:

Moon Phase Daubenton’s Survey

In 2010 London Bat Group took part in a Moon Phase survey. It involved two surveys of water bodies: once during a full moon and second during no moon. The project aimed to monitor the effect on Daubenton’s bat foraging over water bodies.

Site Transects

The establishment, and repeated surveying, of transects at several sites in London. The aim was to increase the network of regularly surveyed sites across London and monitoring more bat species than ever before.

Project Proposal Form

We are keen to support members taking ownership of their own projects. If you have a project idea and would like to run it as a London Bat Group project and/or request funding please fill in this form.

Please do forward your completed form to our enquiries email for consideration by the committee.


National Bat Monitoring Programme

There are already some long-running national surveys run as part of the National Bat Monitoring Programme, with several sites occurring within London. These are designed to be as simple as possible while still generating valuable data.

We would particularly recommend taking part in the Roost Counts Survey (if you know of bat roosts at which you can do counts) and the Waterway Survey (focusing on Daubenton’s bat) as both are relatively easy to carry out and will provide additional very useful data on bats in London. The Sunset-Sunrise Survey is also a great way to get involved with bat surveys, great for total beginners and experts alike! For more information visit the NBMP website at or get in touch to find out if you can accompany a bat group member on their survey.