Moon Phase Daubenton’s Survey

This project was carried out in August 2010 thanks to A.Fure and J.Wedd.

During August, 2010 London and Herts. & Middlesex Bat Groups took part in a Moon Phase survey. A total of twenty one people, at eight sites across the region participated in bat counts at open areas around water-bodies during ‘No Moon’ (10.8.10) and the ‘Full Moon’ (24.8.10).

Standing at a spot in an open area, participants counted the number of Daubenton’s bat passes obtained using a torch with a red filter or red cellophane. During the full moon phase, an additional note was taken of the amount of cloud cover (0-8 cloud cover with 0 equating to a clear sky). If more than 5/8 cloud cover the results could be skewed.

When the number of passes was compared, it was found that (at sites where data was obtained) that the full moon reduced the overall activity by almost 2/3 (63%). Thank you to all participants who were able to gather interesting information from several sites. See below for results and images of the sites surveyed.

Table 1: To show the number of Daubenton’s bat passes during different moon phases.

No. of Daubenton’s bat passes during ‘No Moon’
No. of Daubenton’s bat passes during the ‘Full Moon’
Oakmere Lake, Potters Bar
3 stations
83 31
273 103
370 187
Pen Ponds, Richmond
3 stations
260 0
60 0
160 119
Kelsey Park , Beckenham 241* 102
Total no of passes 1447 542

Counts during ‘No Moon’ at Kelsey Park were carried out on 9.8.10

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All images credited to 2009 Google, Map Data © 2009 Tele Atlas

Thanks to A. Fure, G. Benson, J. Hatto, M. Wagstaff, B. Sutcliffe, T. Mathias, J. Wedd, H.Makepeace, C. Martin, R. Reynolds, A. Palmer, A. Chipchase, F. Castro, Naomi Vincent, T. Lachhar, N. Pond, J. Cunningham, I. Blatchley, H. Pearce and C. Nash and J. Sitton.